Apple users are reporting improved map data in India

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Let’s be honest, Apple Maps isn’t great. Some would barely call it good. In the past, Apple has made multiple declarations that they plan to make it better, but most would say that’s predominantly been just talk. However, there’s a new Reddit thread claiming that Apple Maps has seen a significant boost in the last few days, specifically in India.

User Error423 is reporting that Apple Maps¬†went from simple lines and graph data to having to relevant geographical information in the India region. They also claim that it’s “on par” with Google Maps in most areas for rudimentary location mapping. Error423 does make mention that Apple Maps still has a long way concerning navigation and location accuracy, but overall, Maps is improved greatly from “garbage for Indian users,” pertaining to its previous iterations.

This follows a recent post by TechCrunch stating that Apple would be ramping up a 2-scale assault to fix Maps for iOS. One would involve sourcing user data from iPhones locally in the region for more accurate and up-to-date data. The second data point would be from Apple Maps vans with GPS recording rigs attached to the top of them. Each phase creates better and more complex information for Apple to then feed back into Maps. The company then hopes that the end result is a much higher quality map experience for iPhone users.