Where’s the BlackBerry Key2 for Verizon?

2 min read

If you’ve been following along with my mobile ride here at YourTechExplained, then you know that I’m a huge fan of nostalgia. I still think Palm webOS is the best mobile OS ever built. I’m a huge Moto supporter. What’s more, I loved the idea of the BlackBerry KeyOne from the new BlackBerry Mobile partnership with TCL. The QWERTY phone was one of my favorite phones from 2017. It was a throwback, which also made it unique amongst the other generic slab Android phones.

Another thing that made it awesome was that it was sold unlocked, yet also recognized that Verizon is still the largest US carrier, and one of the biggest global carriers. The downside of last year’s KeyOne was that it was super sluggish and struggled to keep up with simple tasks after about 3 days of use. Bummer. But, BlackBerry Mobile is back with the Key2 and they’ve seemed to fix this with double the RAM and an updated processor.

So what’s my gripe? Isn’t this exactly what I wanted? Yes! But BlackBerry has popped my bubble before I can even get my hands on a Key2 because THERE’S NO VERIZON MODEL! BlackBerry needs to fix this and offer a CDMA model like we saw with the KeyOne last year.

This isn’t to just to make me happy. Verizon customers were the main supporters of BlackBerry in the past. They stuck it out through the days of iPhones being only on AT&T with devices like the Storm, and the launch of BB10 on the Z10 and Z30. These are the hardcore followers of the BlackBerry ethos. Verizon carried and pushed all these devices as worthy upgrades while BlackBerry fans like myself spent hard-earned money on making this their platform of choice.

This shouldn’t change just because BlackBerry has changed guards by moving to Android. They need to honor these faithful consumers that allowed them to upgrade to what looks to be a great device. The KeyOne also proved that they still exist and are willing to make the purchase. The CDMA model was consistently sold out on Best Buy and Amazon for the first 6-8 months of its existence last year. In fact, it was so popular that it was selling for $300 above the retail price on online retail sites like eBay and Swappa.

All I’m asking is that BlackBerry not shun the faithful few that supported them in some of their darkest times. Perhaps there’s a CDMA model still yet to come later this year. But allowing these CrackBerry addicts the opportunity to wonder, and possibly move to an alternative phone, is simply bad for business. I sincerely hope that BlackBerry is listening to those of us being vocal on social media who are yearning for this device. I literally have money in hand to replace my Pixel 2 XL with the Key2. Help me spend it with BlackBerry Mobile. Let me buy a Key2 for Verizon.