Google Assistant finally gets a screen with Lenovo Smart Display launch set for July 27

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Google has been dangling the idea of Assistant on a screen for months now. There was even a teaser announcement that included JBL, LG, and Lenovo, and we’ve been impatiently waiting ever since. Well, the wait is over! Lenovo and Google have made their smart display assistant a reality and you’ll be able to order one on July 27.

The Lenovo Smart Display will be offered in 8 and 10-inch models with pricing at $200 and $250. The feature set will be the same on both units with visual additions to Assistant much like you currently see in the Google Now feed that’s been rolled into the phone app. You can have a daily briefing on calendar events and local weather. You’ll also have the normal voice commands found on Google Home devices.

Like the Home, you will be able to use the Smart Display as a Chromecast receiver, but with video of course. This opens up content options like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube on this new form factor. Google is even offering three free months of YouTube Premium with the purchase of the Lenovo Smart Displays. It is worth noting that Chromecast is the only option to interact with the media at launch. Hit the link below to learn more and order one for yourself!

Lenovo Smart Display