Mobile Payments Are Great, But What’s Missing?

2 min read

Technology has been drastically changing the way we do everyday things for over the past decade. It’s gotten to the point where our phones have even come close to replacing our wallets. That bulky, oversized, receipt filled accessory that we can’t leave home without is soon to be no more. With more and more companies adopting mobile payment systems around the globe, this wallet-less future that was promised years ago might soon become a reality.

Unfortunately, we can’t quite leave our wallets home and just take our phones with us. Take it from a guy that left his wallet home and tried to get something to eat, only to find out that the closest restaurant doesn’t accept Apple Pay. Why don’t more vendors accept mobile payments? Part of that reason could be that most people don’t have their mobile payment methods set up. In fact, many aren’t aware that Apple Pay or Google Pay exist, let alone use it. Quite honestly, why bother using it?

The far superior Samsung Pay works virtually anywhere because it simulates a magnetic card swipe, but that’s patented and exclusive to Samsung devices. Even though that technology doesn’t exist on iPhones or any other android phone, the best feature about Samsung Pay can be implemented on Apple and Google Pay: rewards. Think about that for a second. When you shop for a credit card, the way a certain company compels you to choose their option is what you can get back.

With Samsung Pay, the more you use it, the more points you get, the more you can get back in the form of gift cards, contests and even straight up cash cards. That’s all on top what whatever your credit card offers you. Now that’s a reason to set up a credit card on your phone and start using it. But what about Apple and Google? What type of incentive do they offer? Both Apple and Google offer discounts and for certain businesses, Google even gives you Google Play credit for your first five uses. Then what? It’s not enough to get excited about. If we truly want to live in a world where we just have to carry our smartphones, getting more and more businesses excited about a wallet-less world is where it starts.

The only way that happens is for Apple and Google to start taking their mobile payment platforms seriously — and rewards are a great start to achieving our wallet-less future! With more incentive to set up Apple and Google Pay and to actually use it, awareness goes up. With that comes more and more demand and now the pressure is on businesses — both small and large — to start making this smart future happen.