Google Home Hub: Everything you need to know

2 min read

When Google introduced the Google Home in 2016, their aim was to become the center of your home. Today Google just took a huge leap with Google Home Hub. With its 7 inch screen and Google Assistant built-in, this device quickly becomes the center of your smart home.

Key features include:

  • 7” Display equipped with Ambient EQ Light Sensor
  • No camera for peace of mind
  • Home View Dashboard
  • Live Albums Photo Frame
  • Compatible with over 200 Million devices

Google showcased how having a screen paired with Google Assistant takes your smart home to the next level: everything from “how-to” videos from YouTube to who’s knocking on your front door. Probably the best thing about Hub over having just a Google Home speaker is how it utilizes all of your other smart devices. Now you get a visual representation of information without having to reach for your phone. Google hopes to replace all of your individual apps for their all in one Home app. From either this app or the Home Hub itself, you’re able to control all smart devices in your home.

For example, Google showed off what happens when you’re looking at a recipe on your Home Hub when someone knocks on your front door. Without Home Hub you would have to wash your hands (hopefully), take out your phone and open the Ring app in order to see who’s at your front door. Now with Home Hub it’ll show you who’s there and even send a voice message to them. Now you’re fully taking advantage of your Ring camera, without the need for a separate app.

To take it even further, with a simple voice command like “goodnight,” Google will know to lock your front door, arm your security, set your alarm, turn off your TV and even dim the lights (all with compatible smart devices). With the EQ light sensor, the Home Hub automatically dims, all the while being in your bedroom since there’s no camera for security and peace of mind.

Another selling point is of course, the price. At $149 the price is very competitive. Considering all that you’re getting and the cost of similar devices, all the while being aesthetically pleasing, there should be no hesitation to make this the center of your smart home. Pre-orders are up on the Google Store website right now.

Pre-order the Google Home Hub