Google introduces the Pixel Slate, their new detachable tablet

3 min read

A clean “slate” for Google came today with the release of the new tablet, the Pixel Slate. Along with this new detachable tablet comes an updated OS that can stand on its own next to more popular tablets like the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro. This is truly a new chapter for Chrome OS as it’s previous tablets have never been able to perform in this capacity.

To get the full laptop feel, however, you need to add on the super sleek, case-like Pixel Slate Keyboard which will run you an additional $199. It turns the Pixel Slate into an upright “laptop” with the ability to pair it in a snap and start typing right away. The full-size backlit keyboard comes with a full feature touchpad and rounded “hush” keys, suitable for any situation and the perfect solution for the noisy typer. The folio style back also makes it infinitely adjustable, no matter where you are. When you aren’t using it, it doubles as a slim,  protective case.  

The fact that it is bringing you a full desktop experience — not one designed for a phone — elevates the feel to something most tablets can’t offer. However, that feeling comes with a price. Starting at $599 for the basic model and capping out at $1599, (keyboard not included) not only do the features compete with Apple and Microsoft, but the pricing does too. Even with the inclusion of three free months of Youtube TV, it isn’t an inexpensive tablet.

Price aside, this reborn Chrome OS can run developer tools and full powered Linux applications without massively slowing down functionality while still being optimized to be simple and easy to use with the touchscreen interface. You can seamlessly shift between work and play (or play and play) with split screen capabilities. Plus, the Google Assistant is there to help dictate an email, find a restaurant or play your favorite show. The Pixel Slate has the look of a tablet, with the feel and power of a laptop.

It truly is “your own personal Google right at your fingertips.” 

Here are some of the other Key Features:

  • “Front Firing” speakers — for an enhanced listening experience giving you the ability to catch those crisp sound whether you are listening to your favorite song or watching a show or movie.
  • 8MP camera — fit with a wide angle lens that not only helps capture Portrait mode photos but also excels in low light
  • “Do Not Disturb” and “Night Light” — two new features that turn off distractions and adjust the color of the display to help you better adjust to get ready for bed.

It’s been three years since Google has attempted to woo the world with a tablet and so far, it’s standing up to the hype. Time will tell whether or not Google made a good decision heading down the tablet road again, but until then it’s nice to see them take this step at all. In this digital, on-the-move world we live in, this kind of adaptable laptop/tablet tech seems to be the future, so it’s a step in the right direction.