Google Pixel 3 event: what to expect and Verizon confirmed?

1 min read

With the Google event in just a few hours, it’s been hard to imagine what else could be released. With the plethora of leaks that have been found around the internet, we are certain of two new smartphone releases, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Based on the heavily circulated leaks, the Pixel 3 will upgrade to a slightly larger aspect ratio of 18:9 and the XL will get the ridiculously deep camera notch. These changes —along with processor, camera and wireless charging upgrades — have all been leaked in a series of photos over the past couple of months.

Also leaked was a Pixel wireless charging stand, to go with the new wireless charging ability, a detachable Pixel Slate tablet and an updated, bezel-less Pixelbook 2. After Google’s cryptic video released on Twitter yesterday, it’s hard to say if any of these leaks can even be substantiated. Have they just pulled off the biggest marketing ploy in smartphone history? Verizon doesn’t seem to think so. You can find a full page all about the new unreleased phones on Verizon’s website. Besides a few perfectly placed photos, it doesn’t seem to confirm anything other than the new feature of wireless charging. However, the potential of some software surprises is expected and possibly what Google was hinting at yesterday. Could they release something different and totally surprise us? We’ll have to tune in together at 11AM EST to find out!

You can find the live stream on YouTube and Twitter, as well as here on the Suits and Tech website.

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