5 Great Accessories for the iPhone XS Max!

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The iPhone XS Max has been out for a little under a month now, some of you got yours on day 1 while some of you are still waiting for your upgrade cycle or even the holidays. So, if this is you then you might just find these next few accessories as potential pickups for that new XS Max you have or are waiting to upgrade to.

All of the accessories listed in this article are ones that I have personally used, tested, and would recommend to iPhone XS Max owners. Also, they are all under $50 each which means you won’t have to break the bank to buy them.

#1- AhaStyle Silicone 3 in 1 Stand ($15.95 on Amazon) 

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This silicone stand is great for those of you who own an Apple Watch, Airpods, and of course an iPhone. Being that this case is silicone it means that your iPhone or Apple Watch will not get scratched up when putting it to charge. At $15.95 it makes it a great buy that won’t break the bank and allow you to charge all your devices together.

#2 Apple Leather Case ($49.99 on Amazon): 

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These cases are my all time favorite in regards to cases for any iPhone I own. The Apple leather cases fit perfectly, age great, and look just straight sexy. Though the price is a bit high it is one of my most recommended cases for the iPhone XS Max. They are available in multiple colors priced at $49.99

#3 UAG Trooper Wallet Case ($45.95 on Amazon): 

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If you’re looking for something durable yet convenient then look no further, the UAG Trooper Wallet case is a great option that provides durable protection along with a nice wallet option, which I appreciate being nice and hidden. The case is also on the pricer end but still a great option for those of you who need something durable for that expensive iPhone.

#4 Matone Clear Case ($11.99 on Amazon): 

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This budget case is a GREAT and I mean GREAT option for those of you who need to order something in the short or even has a long-term solution. This case was one of my favorite budget case since it doesn’t hide the beautiful design of the XS Max but also because of the fact that it gives you some solid protection. The case retails for under $15 at $11.99 which is a great option and one of the best budget cases I have used in a while.

#5 Ainope Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($9.99 on Amazon) 

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Whenever you buy a phone, any phone, you want to make sure you pick up a tempered glass screen protector. The difficult part about this though is finding one that is good quality and one that won’t cost you $30 or more. These screen protectors from a company called Ainope are a great option that fit great and don’t cost a lot of $$$. As a matter of fact for $9.99 you actually get two inside a pack. After using for the past few weeks my install has held great with zero peeling and beautiful coverage from edge to edge. Must buy for those of you on a budget and needing a screen protector.