3 Things I Want To See At Apple’s October 30th Event

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Surprise! We’ve got another Apple event on the calendar for the end of October, in Brooklyn NY. For those of you who don’t know the event was scheduled on the same day of the OnePlus 6T event which caused them to move the event to a day earlier so as not to clash with Apple’s event (Good move OnePlus). While this event was expected, here are a few things I’m excited for and hoping to see at this event at the end of the month.


#1: – New iPads 

This is pretty much a given as we have heard a bunch of rumors that new iPads are in development. Some of the rumors have stated that the new iPad Pros would have slim bezels, Face ID, a larger 11 inch and 12.9-inch display and that it would switch over from lightning to USB C.

Out of these reported rumors, I’m really hoping that each of them ends up being true, especially when it comes to Face ID and the display. While I would absolutely love to see Apple adopt USB C, I will believe it when I see it. Till then, I take that rumor with a grain of salt. (Apple makes A LOT of money with lightning cables)

#2 – Mac updates

Just like the iPads, we can definitely expect Apple to announce some updates to the Mac line. Some of the rumors have stated that we could see an update to the MacBook Air. Bloomberg reported that the laptop will have slimmer bezels and a high-resolution Retina display. If true, it would be expected to be the companies new low-cost option for their MacBook line.

Also rumored and reported by Bloomberg is that a new Mac Mini is in development and that Apple is really aiming this computer towards power users. No other details are provided but the Mac mini is definitely in need of a refresh.

One thing I would absolutely love to see Apple implement is Face ID for all Mac computers. While it isn’t 100% certain that it will happen at this event, I imagine it’s bound to happen at some point down the line.


#3 – AirPods & Airpower


Apple, what happened to Airpower??? We need to know. Although Apple has been completely silent as to what has happened to Airpower, I would love to see them at least address it at this event.

For AirPods, I wouldn’t mind seeing an update but I don’t expect that to happen at this event. What I will be expecting is the wireless case finally getting a release date. If Apple decides to sell the AirPods with the wireless case as the standard, that would be a pretty sweet update.

So these are 3 things I’m expecting to see at Apple’s event at the end of the month. What are you hoping for/expecting? Tweet me (@suitsandtech) or comment below.