Pixel Buds (2020): My first impressions

3 min read

This past October Google announced the next generation Pixel Buds. Finally, this week they started arriving at people’s doorsteps. When Pre-Orders went live, I decided to grab a pair to kick off our new site and bring back YTE! Here are some of my first impressions after spending a few days using the new Pixel Buds:

1. They pair fast, very fast: When I took the Pixel Buds out of the box, the one feature I wanted to test was how fast they would pair with my Pixel 4XL. I wasn’t disappointed, they connected in a matter of seconds, and after a brief setup, I was off and running.

They also connected to my iPhone with ease. Other than my Airpods or Apple Watch, I have never seen a non-Apple Bluetooth device connect so quickly to an iPhone.

2I love the case: The case is small, compact, and has a quality build. The smooth matte finish makes it feel premium, and it fits great in my pockets. Some have compared it to the shape of an egg, but to me, it feels like a small pebble that carries my Pixel Buds.

3. Google Assistant: Since putting them in my ears, I have found myself using Google Assistant more often because of how easy it is to activate. One of my biggest gripes with the first generation Pixel Buds was how you needed to activate Google Assistant with the touch and hold feature. With the 2020 Pixel Buds, all I have to say is “Hey Google,” and it instantly activates the assistant.  

4: Not That Comfortable (For Me): I will say that in the beginning, I was one of the few people who had issues with my ears hurting after about an hour and a half of usage. Thankfully, my ears have now adjusted after wearing them for a few days.

Airpods have been a personal go-to for the past few years, which may have contributed to my discomfort with the Pixel Buds. Of course, this will vary from person to person, so it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for anyone looking into potentially purchasing these Pixel Buds.

At the time of writing this article, the Pixel Buds are sold out but you can join the waitlist on Googles Store to be notified once they are back in stock. The Pixel Buds retail for $179.99 and come in multiple colors (Oh so Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black). Also Noteworthy is that Google has only been shipping and allowing orders for the White model. As of today, there have been no updates provided for when we could expect the other colors to be made available for purchase.

So these are my first impressions after spending a few days with the new Pixel Buds. Be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming review, in which I will dive deeper into my thoughts and share some more details. If you have any questions about the new Pixel Buds, feel free to drop me an email or connect with me over on Twitter. (@wolfalexnyc)