Opinion: Stadia is still worth your attention!

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Disclaimer: This is an OPINION article, which means all thoughts are my own and come from my own experience using Stadia.

When Stadia launched this past November, I had very high hopes for the platform. As an avid gamer, I love everything Stadia brings to my living room. The ability to take my library on the go without a need to wait on downloads, and I do not have to buy an expensive console. With that said, I am not blind to the fact that Stadia had a very rocky start, which included promises that fell short and a library of games that still needs many mainstream titles added.

Here are a few reasons I feel that Stadia is still worth your attention and still needs to be on your radar as a gamer. 

 It’s Still Early: Though Stadia launched in November, its still a new platform, and that means there will be issues and bugs that need fixing. As a day one user, though, I have noticed consistent improvements to the quality of gameplay and regular updates. Additionally, Google has been on a massive hiring spree for Stadia, which means they are invested in making it succeed. 

Stadia Pro: Since the start, Google has made sure to include a great lineup of games for Pro users, and they haven’t disappointed. Some of the notable titles include Destiny 2, Tomb Raider, Grid Racing, and PUBG, which was just added this past week. For a platform that is about to hit its six month anniversary, Stadia is playing the right cards.

Big Developers are supporting: Being that many larger game developers are starting to support Stadia ( EA, Bungie, 2k, and Ubisoft.) shows that there is still a lot of potential for the service. Why would larger studios invest their resources and workforce in developing for a platform that they do not believe will succeed? Though there are still many titles and studios that need to be added, the most recent Stadia connect event showed us that they are hard at work recruiting studios and growing their game library.  

What Stadia Needs:

Though I am a supporter of what Stadia is doing, there are a few things that I feel need to be fixed or changed on Stadia. 

More Studios: More, more, and more – I can not express how this needs to be a critical focus, and they need to continue to keep their support community in the loop. The life or death of the platform will come from how many mainstream developers Stadia can sign on. Yes, though we are getting many developers signing on, Google still needs to make sure that they ramp up efforts even faster. Especially with next-gen consoles around the corner, speed will be important!

Game Chat: One area that needs a lot of attention is the party chat section of the platform. The quality of the voice chat is inferior, which includes issues with voice chat volume and clarity when playing online with friends. For this to become a serious contender, I shouldn’t have to feel that the quality of my party chat does not match the quality of competing platforms. A match made in heaven would be a Discord & Stadia partnership.

Wireless Controller Support: This is one of my biggest gripes and annoyance with the platform that should have been fixed five months ago. Currently, we are still unable to use our Stadia controller wirelessly when playing on a phone or computer, with wireless support only being available when using Stadia on a Chrome Cast Ultra. In the beginning, it was ok, but it has been long enough. This is one issue that should be resolved sooner rather than later.

Though I have a full list of things Stadia needs, I stand behind my opinion that Stadia is still worth your attention. Am I suggesting you buy it? No – I recommend that you wait. What I do believe is that it should stay on your radar and not be written off entirely yet. With the number of updates that keep coming, I feel that Stadia will have a breakthrough moment. I think that their main mistake was promoting it as a polished and finished product when in all reality, it still feels like a Beta.

If you are like me and you have Stadia, I would recommend that you keep using it and seeing the changes for yourself. As you do, I think you will appreciate everything that the platform currently is, and everything that it can one day be. 

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