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Author: Cooper Le

Explained: The basics of a DSLR camera

Christmas has come and past and you were gifted a shiny new DSLR camera. Or, you finally dug out your old one and decided to learn how to use it. Or perhaps you found one in your parents closet. Whatever the case is, you have a DSLR and you are trying to figure out how to use it. Well, you are in the right place. Let’s go through the basic settings on your camera. ISO Your ISO setting determines how sensitive your sensor is to light. What this means is a 100 ISO shot will be darker than a...

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Explained: What are ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ and how do they affect you?

You may have seen the names Meltdown and Spectre being thrown around in recent news articles. You may now be vaguely aware that basically every device manufactured is now vulnerable to these Meltdown and Spectre exploits. If you weren’t, pay attention. This is some freaky stuff coming up. What is Meltdown? Meltdown is a design flaw in most modern processors. It allows user applications to access protected memory that should only be available to the operating system. The processor was designed with a protected kernel memory that is supposed to only allow the operating system to access certain information...

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Explained: What you need to know about mechanical keyboards & switches

Mechanical keyboards are quite popular to anyone who spends a decent amount of time typing on a computer. But, before we get started on this buying guide, let’s first discuss what a mechanical keyboard is and how it is superior, in the eyes of many, to the membrane keyboard you are probably typing on right now. Membrane vs Mechanical Most keyboards used in today’s world are membrane keyboards. This means the keycaps are just sitting on top of these rubber domes. When you go to press a key, the key holds against the pressure until you push down with enough...

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