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Author: Neal Jacob

Review: The ‘Zero’ Neckband Bluetooth Earbuds from Leophile

In the world of personal audio, there are brands that come immediately to mind and there are those that don’t. Just because the “those that don’t” are not at the top of your list, it doesn’t mean that they’re not worthy of consideration. Is the Leophile Zero one of those? Let’s find out. The Zero by Leophile is an around-the-neck Bluetooth earbud-style headphones. Around-the-neck earbuds do have an advantage due to their extended battery capability and they allow other electronics to be stored in the neckband instead of having to be crammed into the actual earbuds. Unlike other around-the-neck...

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REVIEW: The Legato Arc – neckband earbuds from Spigen

At my “day job” I can be on my cell phone for long periods, making and receiving calls. I wanted to find a headset that was both comfortable and durable. Around the time I started my search for a new set of earbuds, I caught wind of a new neckband headset from Spigen. We would really like to thank Spigen for sending over the Legato Arc for this review. I have to admit that Spigen is not the first company I would consider for audio devices. Spigen is who I think of for phone cases, not audio. But, they’re...

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SoundPEATS Q1000 Review – Bluetooth sport earbuds on a budget

Recently, I started a quest to find a decent pair of around the neck “neckband” style Bluetooth earbuds. My reason for this style is simply because I was going to use these primarily for phone calls and when the earbuds were not actively being used, I wanted to be able to take them out of my ears and let them dangle off the neckband. I asked around and was told to check out SoundPEATS. After looking at a few models online, I decided on the Q1000. Features The Q1000 is designed to be a sports/active neckband. It’s IPX4 splash-proof...

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A First Look at the Google Home Mini

Home Automation. Don’t tell it that I said this, but my home isn’t very smart. I do have a Chromecast for the TV and a couple of Chromecast Audios in the house. Since no smart lights or appliances reside in our home I didn’t see a need for a Google Home right away. Sure, I was tempted to pick up a Google Home or something in the Amazon Echo family of products, but I just never saw a pressing need. After the heavily rumored Google Home Mini was announced, this Google Phanboi just had to get one. The $49...

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Explained: What you need to know about Qi wireless charging

Wireless charging or specifically inductive charging. It’s been around for almost as long as the iPhone’s been in existence. Plenty of devices use inductive charging. Just think about your electric toothbrush and how it charges when you put it back in the cradle. My first experience with inductive charging was in 2012 when I got a hold of one of an HP TouchPad (oh how I miss my TouchPad!). Everyone’s all excited about inductive charging now that Apple has announced that the iPhone 8/8+ and X will have inductive charging capabilities. The standard for wireless charging is Qi (pronounced...

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