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The Official Style Guide of YourTechExplained.

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Our site automatically places ads after paragraphs 2, 5, and 8 of any article. For articles that are less than 5 or 8 paragraphs, those ads will not display. It is important to have paragraphs of a reasonable length so that ads do not appear too close together. If you cannot do this (which is not always possible), consider adding another picture or specification list depending on the topic.

Clearing Formatting

If you draft your article in Google Drive, Word, or other word processing software, please use the “clear formatting” option to clear out any styling, as this interferes with the way text looks on the site. You may need to restore bold or italics after doing this.


When using dashes, always use an em dash (—), not a hyphen (-). Mac users can use the shortcut option + shift + – to get an em dash. Windows/Chrome OS does not have a shortcut for the em dash. In that case, please just use two hyphens and an editor will change it out.

Quotes and Citations

In articles, if you’d like to highlight a short quote (one to two sentences), please use the blockquote button on the WordPress formatting toolbar and put the text in italics (Note: not the Meks shortcode for blockquotes). Quotes longer than one to two sentences may be surrounded in quotation marks in an existing or separate paragraph.

Citing Sources

If needed, cite the source for your article. This mostly applies to news pieces, but can also be used for purchase links on deals and reviews. When citing a source for an article, click on the CTA icon in the editor. Format it as “Source: Blog Name” with the link going to the article. This button gets placed at the end of the article.